Maliha Knit Fashion Ltd.

Maliha Knit Fashion Ltd. is the most modern knitwear manufacturer company in the region. Maliha Knit Fashion Ltd. This company is located at the Narayanganj Industrial Area of Bangladesh. Maliha Knit Fashion Ltd. produces some of the most fashionable apparel and garment products and owns one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh. Maliha Knit Fashion Ltd. produces specialized finishes of apparel and garment products for export in finished form.

Our Mission :

Maliha Knit Fashion Ltd. is a full service vendor with strong vertically integrated production facilities as well as creative & analytical capabilities which clearly sets us apart from most other South Asian vendors.

Our Vision:

  • Gain market leadership in high value added apparel in USA & Europe .
  • Use “Innovation” & “Speed” as prime drivers, rather than cotton & cheap labour .
  • Dominate these markets in high quality :
    • Men's, Women's , Kid's
    • Shirts ( Dress & Casual )
    • Blouses ( formal & casual ) , Skirts, Jackets
    • Knitted tops & bottoms

Our Commitment to the Environment:

Our company is very committed to preserve a healthy and pollution-free environment. It has a very efficient waste collection and disposal system. In order to reduce air pollution by exhaust of gas from engine-generators, it maintains a costly plant that uses the exhaust gas to generate steam for chilling unit. Above measures not only help keep the water & air free from pollution but also help save cost of water treatment & air conditioning. Your company uses only AZO-free dyes and is dedicated to ensure a healthy and eco-friendly environment.